Anthurium and Dendrobium Orchids

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or office? If so then this beautiful assortment of Red Anthuriums and Orchids is ideal for you, the contrasting rich summer reds and wintry whites of the flowers wondrously complement each other to create a stylish and eye-catching array that would look magnificent in any setting. The intense beauty of the contrasting colours truly highlights the lush beauty of the Red Anthuriums and Orchids that is further enhanced with a backing of lush green foliage.

You can choose from three sizes a small which features 7 Anthuriums, 5 Orchids, 4 Foliage, a medium which features 10 Anthuriums, 15 Orchids, 5 Foliage and a large which features 15 Anthuriums, 15 Orchids, 8 Foliage.

Vase not included 

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